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Rainbow Childcare
Let’s be happy and smile together

Rainbow Childcare welcomes students of any race, religion, and nationality. The goal of Rainbow Childcare is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that allows young children to develop physically, social/emotionally, and cognitively. Our program recognizes the importance of building a strong parent and teacher partnership.

Our Programs
What we are providing for your children
Our philosophy is based on the fact that children are unique beings and should therefore be treated as individuals and not part of a group. Our goal is to get to know the children personally, discover their special talents and guide them in their development of a positive self image


What We Offer

Music & Movement Program

Our programs help young children learn and develop naturally through the simple pleasure of play and songs.

Healthy Meals

Our meal menu includes age appropriate foods that are nutritious and promote good health.


Our families have connected experience as soon as they walk through the door, from fingerprint entry and electronic check-in to tablet and computer education for older students.


You receive an individualized, daily report with photos and reminders sent straight to your inbox or smart phone with the Tadpoles program.

Our Schools

Our state-of-the-art daycare facilities feature colorful classrooms and imaginative indoor and outdoor play areas. We also have advanced security features that give you peace of mind knowing that your child is safe, happy and secure. View our facility photos.


We offer before-school and after-school transportation from several schools near our facilities. View our location for transportation availability.

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